Fine Wood Sculpture

The Queen Emma Gallery featured Mark Chai fine wood sculpture in a critically acclaimed one-man show.

The Honolulu Weekly says of "New Growth," "Chai balances a massive section of more roughly carved wood, it's outer bark intact, on delicate legs. Above a hollow that contains several stones floats a curved panel, almost like a magic carpet, which supports a budlike form beginning to open."
New Growth, by Mark Chai
"New Growth"
avocado, maple, silky oak, mango, cherry woods, found stones
24" x 8" x 16" high
Available at Cedar Street Gallery
"Chai's inherent sense of humor is perhaps most evident in 'Whirled Peace,' a small work of mixed woods in which his signature floating panel supports a torch from which an elegant spiral extends horizontally. Look carefully around the base of the flame and you'll understand the title."
Whirled Peace, by Mark Chai
"Whirled Peace"
maple, ash, guava, lychee woods
20" x 17" x 17" high
"Chai's work as a designer of furniture comes through in a table form in which a panel of wood rests on improbably tall and delicate legs of stainless steel. On the table top, like a miniature ocean-scape, a found stone rests at one end like an island rising from the sea, while at the other, a small heart rests in a hollow as if floating on gentle currents."
Heart Shrink, by Mark Chai
"My Heart is Free, and I am Following It"
private collection

Mark Chai says, "This sculpture evokes the feeling of a wounded heart healing itself." A carved wooden shield with his signature wave partially conceals a fissure across the body of the work. Above, a soft light emanates from the core of the piece through a carved opening. When mounted on the wall, light radiates from the back, creating a dramatic silhouette.
The Answers are Within, by Mark Chai
"The Answers are Within"
found woods, light fixture
46" x 14" x 9"

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